Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tommy Hilfiger FW 09 for Sessilee Lopez Sessilee @ Hilfiger FW09

Could there be a possible campaign for Ms. Sessilee Lopez over at the House of Hilfiger?????.....Nothing has been confirmed but I smell something fab cooking between those 2. Maybe she cast a spell on him when they recently shot something for Harpers Bazaar.

Courtesy of Sessilee Blog Harpers Bazaar
Here are the hints given out......Sessilee was in DC.....shooting something for 2 days...that involved being in the presence of Mr. Hilfiger.
Clue #2.....It seems she shot it with Shannon Click....who is a Hilfiger darling and has appeared in his advertising before!
Clue #3.....When asked about it she neither confirmed nor denied it....Which makes me believe there is some truth to it....otherwise she would of just denied it if it were not true....
Clue # 4....Doesn't the clothes from that show just scream Washington DC/First Lady to you???
So whatever it is.....just KNOW that it will be FIERCE. XOXOXOXOX

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  1. and you are RIGHT because it has already been confirmed