Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The September Issues!

With the magazines releasing their most important issue this month. It is really exciting anticipating how many magazines will feature your favorite Beautes Noir's!
  • US Vogue chose two girls (Jourdan and Liya K) -Jourdan by (Demarchilier and N.J.R), Liya by (Meisel and Demarchilier
  • US Bazaar surprisingly had the most diverse issue not only showcasing black beauty but Asian beauty (Tao....were looking at you). It had Arlenis and Chanel (Lindbergh), Naomi ( Guode) and Sessilee ( SESAME STREET!!!)
  • Allure- although we have not seen the complete issue Sessilee does a double wammie, once with her P.I.C. Tao! (Demarchilier) and another with Ali S. (with a still unspecified Photographer)
  • Numero surprisingly had an AMAZING spread featuring our very own Jourdan Part Deux hopeful R'el D. (Kadel) We are over the moon of her making a big splash so far.
  • V magazine has not been released but it will come with a supplement? that is about Women/Supreme clan featuring Ms. Rose Cordero (she graces her own supplement cover.....only question is where is Ms. Dunn?
  • Many magazine had 0 black models including UK Vogue (hello??? Jourdan?, Naomi??) French Vogue, US ELLE, W, Vogue Spain, Vogue Nippon
  • We have yet to see the fruits of several magazines including I-D, the newly renovated POP, Italian Vogue, Russian Vogue, Lula



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jourdan part DEUX!!!!!!!

Ive never been one to pit one black model against another black model; nor do I feel the need to dub someone "The Next __________ " but sometimes it is inevitable. With a rumored pregnancy on the way ,Jourdan Dunn is most likely going to miss out come the September shows. Im sure this will cause a frenzy for agency and bookers to try and position their "noir" beauties on Ms. Dunn's spot. But who will succeed come September......Our money's on the following faces (In order )

1. Sessilee Lopez

Sessilee with out a doubt THE top contender, she already has charmed her way in fron of the lenses of todays most covetable photographers (Testino, Lindbergh, Meisel, I &V, McDean). And with a growing list of clients under her belt, we are more than sure that come September, Sessilee will be seen left and right on the Catwalks.
2. Gracie Carvalho

Last season Gracie had a respectable run in NY and Paris (Herrera, BCBG, Stuart, Valli, McCartney), and with an endless amounts of campaigns this season ( Kenneth Cole, GAP, Anna Sui for Target, BCBG, DKNY Jeans, Express). We are more than confident that S/S 10 all eyes will be on Ms. Gracie.

3. R'el

R'el is def. the new girl to watch out for this season. Having booked an exclusive for the covetable Valentino couture show and a spot in the Rad by Rad Hourani presentation ( casted by none other than by The Imagist him self). Were sure that she will be amongst the most coveted new faces this september. And although I would have placed R'el higher, I can't imagine her doing a sh!t load of shows just yet....I smell EXCLUSIVES!

4. Chanel Iman

Ever heard of the case of slow and steady wins the race, I believe something of this sort will take place with the charming Ms.Iman. She did not have a start like the one Ms. Dunn had (especially when it came to covers and editorials, nor has she been a Meisel favorite ( Sessilee and Jourdan anyone?) but she has maintained her presence. Who else can go from being a VS favorite to a Balenciaga favorite? Having already cemented her name in the book of Black Models who matter, we PRAY that the people over at FORD know how to play their cards right this time around, come SEPTEMBER.

Who are you placing your bets on?