Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The September Issues!

With the magazines releasing their most important issue this month. It is really exciting anticipating how many magazines will feature your favorite Beautes Noir's!
  • US Vogue chose two girls (Jourdan and Liya K) -Jourdan by (Demarchilier and N.J.R), Liya by (Meisel and Demarchilier
  • US Bazaar surprisingly had the most diverse issue not only showcasing black beauty but Asian beauty (Tao....were looking at you). It had Arlenis and Chanel (Lindbergh), Naomi ( Guode) and Sessilee ( SESAME STREET!!!)
  • Allure- although we have not seen the complete issue Sessilee does a double wammie, once with her P.I.C. Tao! (Demarchilier) and another with Ali S. (with a still unspecified Photographer)
  • Numero surprisingly had an AMAZING spread featuring our very own Jourdan Part Deux hopeful R'el D. (Kadel) We are over the moon of her making a big splash so far.
  • V magazine has not been released but it will come with a supplement? that is about Women/Supreme clan featuring Ms. Rose Cordero (she graces her own supplement cover.....only question is where is Ms. Dunn?
  • Many magazine had 0 black models including UK Vogue (hello??? Jourdan?, Naomi??) French Vogue, US ELLE, W, Vogue Spain, Vogue Nippon
  • We have yet to see the fruits of several magazines including I-D, the newly renovated POP, Italian Vogue, Russian Vogue, Lula




  1. I wonder if Jourdan will be around for the spring shows in a few weeks? Either way i will make my way down to the tents to see.

  2. please update darling. this bog is too good to go stale.

  3. hey hey hey, one month later and we are still waiting!